The Best Air Fryers for Yor Home Under $100

With 2020 having forced people to spend most of their time indoors, air fryers rose to popularity from under the debris! Health consciousness and budget have made an air fryer essential in households. You’ll be happy to know that there are several fryers out there, all claiming to be the best, for under $100! Compared to budget air fryers from last year, the ones that came out in 2021 boast cutting-edge features without an exorbitant price tag, making them all kinds of best.

Ready to make the right investment? Let’s take a look at the best budget air fryers under $100!

Ninja 1550-Watt 4-Quart – Programmable Base Air Fryer

If you’re in search of an air fryer that has a large capacity under a budget, look no further. This fryer is the best at everything from reheating to dehydrating. You can forget oily fries and under-cooked wings once this bad boy is in the house. You can have some of the best-fried food, without the oil, and save on your budget! Keep your health and budget under a check at all times with this fryer. Eat thousands of dollars worth of food for under $100! 

COSORI Air Fryer

We’ll start by letting you know this comes with a 100 Recipes book. Now that definitely bangs for the buck! If that’s not the best, the COSORI fryer also has easy presets on its touchscreen that let you cook easily. Indulge in food that’s almost 85% fat-free and 100% budget-friendly! This is also the best buy for college students since it is lightweight and very portable. If you’re in the market for an air fryer that’s easy on the budget, this is a must-buy. The 100 Recipes Book adds an amazing final touch too! For a fryer under $100, this works brilliantly. 

Dash Air Fryer

For the ones struggling with a small kitchen and budget – this fryer under $100 is ideal! The Dash Air Fryer is a good buy for the ones lacking space and a good budget. With most other fryers being incredibly bulky, Dash’s is like a mini-version. It is compact, sleek, ample, and the best in its domain. Though it doesn’t share the same cooking quantity as other fryers, it is enough for singles or people with a small family and a small budget. And don’t let the size get to you – it does the job best, even when limited by size! You don’t have to compromise on the taste with Dash around. Get the best-fried food no matter how small the kitchen.


BLACK+DECKER is a prominent kitchen items brand, maybe one of the best, even in the budget space. It’s no surprise that they have an amazing air fryer in store! With its dual convection fans, you can cook food with almost no oil. Binge all you want, on a budget, and feel the best! The cooking surface is non-stick with a dishwasher-safe fryer basket. So, say goodbye to cleaning problems and say hello to one of the best budget fryers! 

Philips Starfish Air Fryer

Right from the design to the build, to the capacity and budget, this air fryer will leave you thinking it’s the best. You can carry this device around with ease and accommodate it in your kitchen without too much space allocation! It prides itself on its unique Starfish air-flow design. The even circulation of air ensures that your food is nothing but the best. You can now enjoy restaurant-quality food at home – without a big budget. Another amazing benefit of this air fryer is the cookbook it comes with! For college students and novice cooks, this cookbook will become your best friend in no time.  

Now that you know the top budget air fryers, it’s time to make an informed decision!

Here’s why several people splurge on expensive fryers:

Your spending on an air fryer boils down to your budget and usage. If you are only going to use it occasionally, an inexpensive one will suffice. A very basic air fryer will come with no more than 1-2 features. Its design will not be the best either. With a budget air fryer, it’s all about the necessities. Here you can find all of the above air fryers on Amazon:

However, the higher budget air fryers come equipped with more features, have a sleeker design, and are backed by a brand name – hence the requirement for a higher budget. There are air fryers that heat, bake, grill, and do so much more! But for simple needs, a budget air fryer will do more than enough justice.

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