The Most Popular Air Fryer Replacement Parts and Accessories for Cooking

An air fryer is a convection oven that deep-fries with very little oil, without dipping the food in oil. An air fryer has an oven located at the top and circulates hot air rapidly to crisp fry. This makes food healthier with fewer carcinogens.

Easy available accessories & replacement parts

With a lot of accessories and replaceable parts easily available in the market, the air fryer emerges as a very handy tool for crisp frying, baking, roasting. It is a convenient compact oven, and can be placed anywhere, as it does not generate a lot of heat outside, does not emit a lot of cooking smell.

Air fryers really make cooking easier with a lot of accessories easily available in the market. All original air fryer replacement parts are distributed by manufacturers which can be replaced. It makes the air fryer a reliable long-lasting contraption.

Some of the best accessories for cooking one should be known about:

BASKET FOR AIR FRYER: It is a well-perforated basket with a handle that allows the circulation of air. It usually comes in different sizes and capacities for different makes of the air fryer with non-stick coating and is dishwasher safe.

BASKET DIVIDER: A basket divider facilitates cooking two different kinds of food at the same time. They are available for small and large air fryer versions and are dishwasher friendly.

BAKING PAN: It is a stainless steel removable pan of your air fryer that is used for cooking. It has a non-stick coating and is dishwasher friendly. The baking pan is quite durable and the size, shape depends on the size and capacity of the fryer. It is good for cooking cake, macaroni and more.

GRILLING PAN: The grilling pan has a perforated surface which helps to create the ideal airflow for grilling or searing meat, fish, and even vegetables. It comes in various sizes with non-stick coating.

RACK WITH SKEWERS: This stainless steel accessory maximizes the cooking area and is dishwasher safe. Allows cooking different types of food, in the two layers of racks.

OVEN STEAK CAGE: The oven steak cage is a useful product for air frying steak, fish, or chicken. This steak cage has different sizes according to the thickness of the meat being cooked and can be inserted into your oven rotisserie.

Air fryer comprises a heating element, which radiates heat, and a fan on top of the element to circulate hot air, rapidly inside the cooking chamber placed below. The cooking chamber or food basket is a bowl or tray with perforations on the bottom. Rapid circulation of hot air, fries the food in the small chamber evenly and quickly in most cases.

Compared to conventional deep frying the air fryer uses one or two tablespoons of oil for cooking which is brushed or sprayed on food items, thereby significantly reducing excess calories. 

The temperature inside the fryer is controlled by a thermostat and digital or analog timer. Most of these core parts of the fryers are available as spares in the market by their original manufacturers. Also, I’ve collected some usefull acceessories, they fit almost all air fryers, but be sure to doublecheck that!


Air fryers are efficient, compact, and handy machines that can be used anywhere for cooking, crisp frying, baking, roasting and does not highly heated up outside.

It is important to keep tossing the food from time to time while crisp frying by taking the tray outside. It is advised to avoid cooking wet batters, food items with too much seasoning, and cheesy items in your air fryer.

Aluminum foils can be used as long as it does not cover the entire basket bottom. The air fryer needs to be kept clean regularly. While cleaning air fryer has to be unplugged. Also, it can be cleaned thoroughly by removing the accessories. It’s a fantastic gadget for crisp frying items.

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